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Membership Application!


As a member of the Chicago Chapter of USA Dance, you will receive a free subscription to both our chapter newsletter and Amateur Dancer, the national bi-monthly publication of USA Dance. In addition, you will receive discounts to USA Dance dance parties.

To join, click on the picture to the right, print out and complete the membership application that appears on your screen, and follow the mailing instructions on the form. Or, you can contact Dolores Lawn, and she will be happy to mail an application to you.

If you would just like to join our mailing list, fill out the box below:

Sign up for Email Dance Notices

As you'll read on the form, there are five types of membership for you to choose from:

  • DanceSport Competitor - DanceSport Athlete
  • Ballroom Dancer
  • Social Dancer
  • Student
  • Associate (Professional,Supporter)

Here is a brief explanation of each:

DanceSport Competitor - DanceSport Athlete
Amateur dancers who participate in DanceSport competitions
Ballroom Dancer
A keen dancer and supporter of Dancesport who does not compete but strives to dance at proficiency levels similar to those who do compete. This category may include retired Dancesport Athletes
Social Dancer
An amateur dancer who does not compete but who enjoys dancing and appreciates the physical, mental, and social benefits of engaging in a regular program of dancing
Dancer below the age of 35 who is enrolled in school full time
Any individual who is not eligible or desirous of membership in any other category but who wishes to support the aims and objectives of USA Dance

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